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We understand emergencies can be very scary, that's why we work hard to ensure Cleveland County residents receive clinical excellence and compassionate care. Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad is comprised of an experienced team that's passionate about life and health.
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Our team of field providers work every day towards one goal: to provide the highest level of patient care.
Our Mission

The mission of Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad is to provide outstanding emergency medical and medical transportation services.  We provide these services in a professional manner while maintaining the dignity of those we serve.  Our staff continuously strives to learn, improve, and grow in enhancing the delivery of emergency medical services to those we serve.

Our Values

Commitment to Service

We treat persons with illness and injury in our community with care and compassion, utilizing effective principles and practices of patient care, and we strive for excellence through ongoing evaluation and improvement.


We recognize the dignity of others and communicate with others in a respectful manner.


We serve with honesty, loyalty, and dedication.


We are responsible for our actions, both positive and negative.


We practice teamwork through communication and cooperation to achieve common goals.

Fair Treatment

We do not discriminate against patients or personnel on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, age, disability, political belief, military service, pregnancy, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity or any other legally protected characteristic.


Upper Cleveland Rescue Life Saving Unit History (1950's - 1990's)

Author: Unknown     Date Published: Unknown

Upper Cleveland Rescue was founded in the late 50's. In 1960 a charter was given by the county of Cleveland allowing Upper Cleveland to function as a Rescue Squad. The first vehicle Upper Cleveland started out with was an old Cadillac that was donated by Ollie Harris. Dale Costner and Dwight Tillman also donated several vehicles to the rescue over the years. The rescue has come from donated vehicles in the 60's to being able to purchase new ambulances and a crash truck in the 70's, 80's and 90's with the the help pf donations from the communities we serve and Cleveland County helping us purchase one every 5 years. We now have five ambulances, a crash truck and three boats that we are very proud of.

Herman Grigg Tabernacle was the building Upper Cleveland started out with. This was located where Richard Hords car lot is now. We moved from there to a new location on Main Street that is now the Town Hall. From there we moved into out new building at 1032 West Stage Coach Trail. WE are very proud of our new building and invite everyone to come by and visit us there. 

Upper Cleveland Rescue started out with 14 members. Warren Hoyle was Chief at the time. Each member borrowed money from the bank to be able to buy their radios, uniforms, jackets and other equipment that was needed. The first members hand delivered letters asking for money to help build the first rescue building. These dedicated men would also stand out in all types of weather at all stop signs at major intersections with their buckets asking for donations. This was true dedication and for it they were able to build their rescue building. This building now houses they town hall with a new fire station located behind it. In the early 90's we were able to raise enough money to have our present building built. This building is located on a hill above Eaker's Supermarket at 182 and Churchview Drive. This building consist of 3 double bays that house our ambulances, crash truck and boats. A kitchen, day room, small and large meeting rooms, and 3 offices.

Upper Cleveland Rescue has gone from 14 members in 1960 who at that time did not have to have any certification, but later were the first rescue Members in the State of North Carolina to be certified as Emergency Medical Technicians, to 1996 with approximately 80 members with certification levels of Ambulance Attendant, Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate, and Paramedic. In the mid 1980's we formed a Junior Rescue which consist of young men and women from the age of 14 to 18 years of age. These Jr.'s help us keep our ambulances stocked and help out on calls. WE are very proud of out Jr. Rescue.

In 1995 we formed a Rescue Team which consist of men and women who do not have or want a medical certification, but want to help with the rescue unit. This teams main priority is to respond to accident scenes for extrication purposes, searches, drownings, well rescues, or any situation that could involve rescue techniques. We also have 3 scuba divers in the squad to assist with water related accidents. 

It is easy to see through this history of Upper Cleveland Rescue much hard work and dedication has gone into the forming and continuation of Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad. In 1994 Upper Cleveland made history in Cleveland County by electing a woman as Chief of a Rescue Department. 

Original Members
Founding Members
Front Row (Left to Right): Bill Lowe, Jimmy Gold, Dwight Lankford, Harold Lynn, Warren Hoyle, Jim O'Brien, John Howard Self, Marshall McGraw, Arnie Grigg
Rear Row (Left to Right): Ralph Sanders, Carol Garver, Lowell Goodman, Dick Lee, Jack Waters Sr., Jr. Tallent, Buck Jones, Flay Cook, Bill Seagle
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Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad is a proud 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit. 

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