Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I take a CPR course locally?
What happens when I call 911?

When you have a medical emergency and dial 911, the first thing you will be asked is “What’s your emergency?” Ideally, you should tell the 911 dispatcher exactly what your emergency is. For example, if you witnessed a car accident, you would say: “There’s a car accident at…” and provide location details. Based on what your responses are to the dispatcher’s questions, they will determine whether to send an ambulance, a fire truck, the SWAT team or the police.

Your phone number will be verified in the event that the dispatcher needs to reach you after you hang up. If you ever dial 911 by mistake, do NOT just hang up. It’s very important to tell the dispatcher that it was a mistake. All 911 hang-up calls are called back to ensure it is not a situation where someone is truly in trouble, but was interrupted (like in a hostage situation or a domestic violence case.) If the dispatcher calls again and is unable to reach you, an officer will be sent to the location showing on the dispatcher’s screen.

What other services does Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad offer?
  • Full-service public safety, including contracted event coverage at concerts, football games, rodeos, and other events.
  • Specialty Teams
  • Community engagement, including health fairs, school visits, emergency preparedness presentations, and many other community services.
How are ambulance bills calculated?

Ambulance bills are calculated based on a few different variables, including the patient’s level of severity and whether he or she requires basic or advanced care. There is also a per-mile fee. Additionally, if patients require medications, oxygen or other advance treatments, these items are billed to the patient.

How is Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad funded?
How soon will an ambulance show up after I call 911?
How many hours do EMTs and Paramedic work each week?
What are the eligibility requirements for becoming an EMT or a Paramedic in North Carolina?
What do EMTs and Paramedics do, exactly?
What is the difference between between an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a Paramedic?