Our Partnerships reflect our dedication to providing the highest quality of EMS services and commitment to the communities we serve.‌

The unique public-private partnership, led by the Cleveland County EMS, and with Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad, Cleveland County Sheriffs and Emergency Communications Departments, allowed the city to build one of the best EMS systems for the communities which make up the 227 sq. miles of what is known as the north end of the county.

At Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad, we’re looking for people who want to be leaders in EMS and make a difference in pre-hospital care.‌

We invest in our people, and offer them the best resources available. In turn, we expect absolute commitment to our EMS mission and the highest standards of professionalism each day our field providers are called to serve.

Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad provides 911 and non-emergency transport services.‌

We also provide a number of special operations services, including special event stand-by, mass casualty incident response, and disaster victim assistance.

Our team of dedicated field providers work every day towards one goal: to provide the highest level of patient care.‌

Our field personnel undergo continuous training in the latest EMS techniques and technologies, providing the best in clinically sophisticated pre-hospital care.

Hispanic female paramedic (30s).  Male paramedic helping boy inside ambulance behind her.
Life at Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad


The people who work at Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad are committed to a career in healthcare because they understand that providing the best patient care is a lifestyle, not a job. At Upper Clevelend …

Clinical Sophistication


Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad is dedicated to offering the highest quality training programs for our staff. In addition to a comprehensive new employee orientation program, Upper Clevenad provides skills retention, continuing …



Upper Cleveland Rescue Squad offers multiple opportunities for our providers to learn new skills while maintaining current competencies. Through the Brown Emergency Training Center, our field providers can participate in continuing education, professional …